Xfrog model error?

Started by archonforest, September 14, 2016, 02:15:10 pm

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Actually I have never used any XFrog plants just off the shelf. There is always something that needs to be adjusted. But that doesn't bother me. I can edit the plants I need and save them, so that I can use them later.


The same here. Always needing to make adjustments but always saved as TGOs to make it more convenient. Not too much an issue. Just somewhat time consuming under certain circumstances.


Quote from: Oshyan on September 16, 2016, 09:52:20 pm
It's definitely best to work in TGO when you can (from Xfrog certainly). But I'd like to reiterate that this same free model that I downloaded did not work properly in either Cinema4D OR MODO in my own tests here. C4D loaded it without textures, MODO only loaded partial textures and had the same alpha issue as Terragen, and worse, with some parts/textures missing entirely. So actually TG is doing a better job than either of these other two major apps. ;)

- Oshyan

Oshyan I certainly wasn't attacking TG or its abilities nor was I comparing it to any modeling software packages. I was just asking a question in regards to a fix IN Terragen


I hear you Danny, but my point is I'm not seeing that a "fix" is necessarily possible just from TG's side. These appear to be fundamental issues in how the Xfrog objects have been created or exported to OBJ, at least in some cases. We could end up trying to implement workarounds for any number of quirks in the Xfrog model import process, and these days there are a lot more plant model sources, we can't have custom imports for all of them.

- Oshyan