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Exporting an entire terrain can be tedious, especially if you require data for what is outside the camera view.
An interesting workflow I have only discovered is to use a spherical camera to render your geometry export.

1. Position a camera at a point of interest, this could be at 0,0,0 but be mindfull to raise the altitude above the terrain.
2. Set it to Spherical.
3. Set your render quality, it will work with a square or lat-long ratio 1:1, 2:1 or whatever you want.

The obj that is exported will be in the round. The only caveat is detail will diminish in resolution the further away from the point of the camera.

Hope you find that useful :-)

Now there's something no one else has tried or mentioned if they had...good thinking...hope I need this at some point but I mainly stay in TG4 and bring everything there.

Interesting idea. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks Ashley.

let me add  this link to a thread I started using this method:,23140.0.html
There is some very valuable information about one or the other culprit when using a 360 camera to export terrain.

cheers, Klaus


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