Started by N-drju, September 29, 2016, 03:46:27 PM

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I'm afraid I can't because I found a workaround (as seen above) and just moved on with it and overwrote this trash altogether... :-\ You can recreate it though by creating a rock tower according to the instructions laid out in the tutorial I mentioned in the previous post. However, put it inside another crater and put the sun behind it. Sorry I can no longer provide you with the file. :(
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I tried it. It works as it should. At least in my test.
Would be good if you save those files like the other thread here.
For the the support section of the forum without your file and a solution it kinda feels like wasting time.
Anyway maybe others can replicate it.


Agreed, it's important to save example files that show potential bugs like this. Honestly I don't really advise consistent overwriting of files in general, actually. We have incremental save in there and it's quite useful. So many times I've seen people on here lamenting that they overwrote a TGD with a feature they ended up liking and wanting to use again later. Why overwrite? TGDs are small, hard drive space is cheap. :D

Anyway, what I would try next for troubleshooting would be to increase Displacement Tolerance in the Planet node.

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