Started by Dune, September 30, 2016, 11:52:59 am

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This is starting to get good


Ulco, I might be completely wrong, but to me the land shapes are too clean. There should be more cuts and scattered pieces of rocks (due to erosion). Nature rarely gives you neat lines. But what do I know? :)


Thanks for thinking along. The underlying ground is not rocky, but consists mainly of of sand, clay, some sandstone banks higher up and silex/flint (the fake stone accumulations). So quite soft, and I think the water may erode it quite smoothly. I did use a little smallscale warp on the maps though to give it some more 'erosion'. We'll have to see what the experts (University profs) have to say.


Very interesting project, Ulco.
The last ones are already looking very good!

At first glue I would have said the same like otakar but fortunately I saw some documentaries on TV last weekend. They showed some aerial photography eg. of the amazonas. So I know now that you're close to the reality.


Thanks Nils. I consider this my final concept to send in, and await their remarks. I hope it's anywhere near what they need.

You can just see the 2 neanderthalers waiting for their prey  ;)


Sumptuous and believable, great work Ulco


Been watching this as well. Wondered what latitude this area represents. At first I thought your lighter color was snow, but it is sandlike? My area, central USA is full of large field stone, so I am assuming this is more like Florida or South America? Very interesting representation!


It's the latitude of Belgium/Southern Netherlands. It's sand indeed and some silex rocks (small, perhaps up to 30-40cm max). I don't know yet about the colors, might need more grey. That's for them to decide.


This is really a hard to do scene because of the lack of kinda hero landscape features.
I think you made it look very nice Ulco. But as an animation it would look even better probably.
Just a basic lowering camera move to the neanderthals would be great :)
I think there will be no animation?


Pretty amazing work considering there'd little or no pictorial evidence to work from
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


No tracks in the sand? That's a fairly large herd, you'd expect some visible 'trail', no?


There's a slight wind blowing, so any tracks are immediately filled up with sand (eolic processes)  ;) Anyway, I doubt if that would be visible from so high.

@Kadri: no animation, it's for a 'coffeetable' book. And yes, these kind of commissions always give me the creeps, as there's no nice depth to be had and it's merely about processes that have to be shown. So I made a detailed look somewhere in them hills in B&W (they didn't have color film back then)  ;) I might give them something like this as a bonus for the book (if they treat me well).


Looks fantastic Ulco! No crits from me!


Looks great Ulco.
But just be careful they may want always more for free maybe  ;)


As much as i like this render,....when I first saw the left Neanderthal, I thought perhaps he was a demon god....then I saw the caribou, reindeer? so..............maybe shift em a little :) :) And more to the point...are these the guys who thought of painting cave walls, haha...early film?