Started by Dune, October 17, 2016, 04:04:15 AM

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If you need some simple birds scattered across the sky somewhere distant, try this. Grab any image from the web, preferably some simple texture and an opacity map (like this), add to card, and pop like this.


Thanks Dune, that will be useful.


Thanks for the share  :)


!!! FREEBIRD!!!!

Folks my age will understand.   ;D


Never heard of FREEBIRD..............what is this?  ::)

Thanks Ulco.  :)


As always, I am seeing, helping us find our way. Is this card object mapped as a 1:1 scaling so it produces a single image, like what we used to call "sprite" objects? Does TG  prefer jpg masking or do tiff and png also work? I have seen a few tgo free shares that use various... Here is where I need a reference in print....

Thank you for everything you and all who are so kind to share.


Very cool, and thanks.  I've tried this with other things like distant people but this is a better use.
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Doesn't make a difference if you use tif or jpg, or png, TG takes (almost) all.