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Started by Artofgp, July 10, 2017, 09:48:02 pm

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Hello everyone, I thought that having a single thread showing all of my WIP's and finals would be a good idea to keep everything together.

I had the issue of importing models I had created in Cinema 4D so I searched the forums for an answer... it sucks that C4D cannot export the materials correctly as an obj. Anyone else uses C4D to export your models? The only decent solution I have down my end is to open the obj in 3d Coat and export from there. The material on the object somewhat improved in Terragen, but not 100% correct.

Critiques are always welcomed and preferred!

The following images are WIP's.


Really like that 2nd image.  Looks like people moving in single file toward a distant destination


So do I, very nice mood. I can't exactly see what the smaller images'  objects are, sails? The terrain looks good, but I'd distibute the small shrub(?) more clumpwise. They're not really adding, like this.


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Thank you, guys! Image #2 is almost done. I need to add more details to the people heading towards the huge structure. I also need to work on the lighting and clouds in the middle some more.

Dune, I have no idea how you do it in your pieces but you actually have a good understanding of how vegetation works in real life and in Terragen! I find it quite difficult to take terragen all in right now but I hope to be as good as your knowledge in this case.

I will definitely work around with the vegetation. I will have to look for tuts that can explain it well and I need to research some natural desert/canyon photographs to stay on point.

Oh. And the white structures are Enuman Ruins. The Enumans believed in simplicity with organic shape design. The material I had for the structure had a displacement map that made the overall look feel alien'ish, but I couldn't get the material to load properly into terragen. I also need to have these Ruins seem overgrown by vegetation naturally.


So here's another WIP showing an Enuman Ruin outpost. The material on the model is not rightly placed or seen precisely. Also, the displacement map I had isn't placed on the object. So I am not sure what to do at the moment. I might have to bake the displacement map to the model and see how that works.

So this is my first time distributing pine trees around. Just a generic population placement within the area length.


Best practice is usually to place the pop center half the pop size in front of the camera, and rotate it the same as the camera (for stills). Maximum coverage before your eyes then. You can then mask the population by a distribution shader with max slopes (or heights), and e.g. a power fractal for patchiness. In the latter case decrease spacing and you get nicely clumped tree distribution. If add a color adjust you can alter that PF so, e.g. the grey edges whiten a bit (slide white down). If you use that adjusted mask for lower trees or shrub, you can get kind of 'forest edges'. The other way around; if you slide the color adjust black up, you can use the mask for the centers of the PF's white areas (for some huge trees, or so). Lots of variables to play with.

Btw. nice structure!

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All are interesting but I like in order
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
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Thank you, guys! I haven't finished 2 yet but when I do, I'll make sure to post it here first!

Dune, thank you for explaining it to me. I have been practicing some of these methods. For the density shader, do you create a new shader or assign a shader for best results? Sorry for the noob question... I sometimes can't see any good results especially when I create a new PF or use an existent height map, probably because I am doing it wrong! lol I'll make sure to experiment some more on my next scene.

Here's what I am working on right now. Any critiques would be appreciated! The first image is the original render, the 2nd is post work in photoshop.
- I do believe the rock shader could be better.
- And possibly add some more Palm trees.


I mostly make a new PF, unless I want to have the same distribution as an earler made PF has. I exclusively work in the node network, and rightclick, etc. to make a new shader. Then just pull its output to the mask input where needed, and adjust settings of the PF. If you want to check the distribution, I always have a surface layer at the end of the line (first thing I do, and testcolor on), and use that to test the PF, and adjust scales, noise specifics, contrast, etc. to suit. Before rendering obviously disable the testlayer.
Nice composition and great scene, btw. In this case, grouping the stones by PF would perhaps be interesting...


Very nice and moody images! I like them all.

I have to say that I completely misunderstood your thread's name. I was expecting some interpretation of GENESIS album cover art of the Peter Gabriel era  ;D ;D ;D
Then I found your name...


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Great renders.  Number 2 is standing out. Well done.
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