Can someone tell me why this is happening ?

Started by pclavett, November 21, 2016, 08:53:40 am

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I have recently acquired a model of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek and this in .obj format.
When I import it and view it in the preview.....all is fine but the render turns into mush !
All the materials seem to be well assigned and I am at my wits end as to resolve this !
Can someone tell me if he has dealt with this and is there a quick fix.
The first picture is a screen capture of the preview, the second, the render itself !
Thanks !


I had a similar recently. When my camera was close to the model it came out like yours and even worst. When I zoomed out meaning put the cam way back it suddenly rendered okay. Not sure if this will help you though but maybe...
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Do you have displacement on the object? If so try without it.


2 things: check the Normals, and check the Opacity maps. You may need to recalculate normals in another program (e.g. Poseray). You may need to reassign Opacity maps properly. Also try enabling/disabling "Unpremultiply" on translucency (Images tab of the Default Shader).

- Oshyan