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Started by KyL, January 12, 2017, 12:03:38 am

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Hello guys,

I spent some times in the US last summer and I recorded lots of shots. I started to edit movies to illustrate that and I have a first part done. It's mostly landscape, so I thought you guys might be interested! Some really cool references there :)


Well done! Especially the time-lapses.


Great. I enjoyed that, thanks for showing. Some really nice reference indeed. That should get you guys to work on something  ;)


Very nice indeed! Some of my favorite areas of the US, and I recognized a few familiar places. You had some great lighting at what appears to be "Wall Street" in Bryce Canyon. I especially appreciated that all of it was represented very naturally, unpretentiously. While many modern "roadtrip"/"nature" short films are gorgeous and depict absolutely epic and amazing sights, I find then often almost over-the-top and hence less relatable. This felt like memories from a road trip of my own. I also really liked how the time lapse was integrated as a way to show the place and tell the story, so to speak, and not merely for spectacle or to show the most positively epic things you possibly could. Again it all had a very "realistic" quality to it that I related to.

- Oshyan


Oh so nice! You have been to some of my favorite places. Makes me want to think about roadtripping in 2017 again! :)

The pace was good, really like the editing. Flows nicely and keeps the interest. I always like to have some original sound - even the wind, but that's subjective. The music fits here.

I am thinking May for Chaco Canyon this year....


Thanks guys, really appreciate your comments and I am glad you enjoyed it!

@ Oshyan: You said everything I was going for! Realistic and unpretentious couldn't sum it up better, as I really feel the same way as you about most of modern videos as well. I am really happy to see that I got it right!

@ otakar: I never intended to keep the sound, but I agree with you. When listening to the (crappy in-camera) sound I felt I could have count on the audio. Next trip I will probably bring an decent audio setup with me too.