Looking for Easy Cloud example.

Started by eapilot, September 27, 2019, 07:36:17 pm

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I'm pouring over older threads but I remember Oshyan or Matt posted a .tgd or .tgc file of a cloud layer v3 with the nodes that make up the easy clouds settings.  I want to deconstruct it to find a good formula for making good cumulus clouds that I can control (an ongoing pursuit.  I usually avoid easy clouds because of the long render times.  

Usually I only use the density shader.  However, I am trying to adopt Luc Bianco's method by piping the main noise into the depth modulator.  I also found a thread from Matt in 2012 here 

Here is an example of that method in a test
Sky Test.jpg


Those clouds looks great here! What were the render times? and vs an easy cloud layer v3?
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The easy cloud function is not public and never was posted.

It was supposedly stated that it would have been posted, but we misunderstood, or something.