5 composition mistakes to avoid

Started by cyphyr, February 01, 2018, 07:21:41 am

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A short article that turned up on my LinkedIn feed.
Useful composition techniques that will come in handy in what ever digital creative field you find your self in.


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As far as division of space and eye-rest is concerned, I consider these tips to be important not always. I've seen quite a number of very good symmetrical images. Also seen some that were heavy in detail but nice and interesting to look at nonetheless.

I am all thumbs up for the first three tips, but find the last two to be quite subjective really. I would exchange one of them with "under-lighting / overexposing" because that's a serious disadvantage.
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very interesting article !
It goes on something far from being the usual 1/3-2/3 composition and I liked the way he explained the way eyes are working looking at an image.


Inb4 rule of thirds....

...although to be honest i'm probably not...