Palms... No, not hands, Trees

Started by mr-miley, September 12, 2007, 06:57:17 am

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Hi there all

Bought to you for your delight and delectation, by that master model provider Ashundar Artists (AKA Harvey Birdman) I present you with Palm Trees, hand crafted from the finest selection of pixels money can't buy, with fabulous hand turned knees.....

These fantasmagorical models can be found, downloades and otherwise worried at Go to the bottom of the page....


mr-miley and Harvey Birdman
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Excellent hi-quality trees, and for free too! Who doesn't love free stuff?


Thanks to Mr. Miley and Harvey Birdman!
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Harvey Birdman

There's been an ongoing discussion about bark color. I spent a long time looking at pictures of palms and after extended discussion with horticultural experts (I emailed mr-miley this morning) it has been decided that they should be browner. (There's a huge range of colors and textures on palms. Date palms are a lot different than coconut palms, etc.) I got what I thought were pretty good results by changing the diffuse color on the trunks and stems from the current gray (191,191,191) to a light brown (168, 136, 78). Keep the same texture, just change the diffuse color mixed with it.


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Looks fantastic!  Thanks for sharing :). - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.

Harvey Birdman

Hey, all -

I've been studying the Palm Trees as I work with them and I found something I feel warrants changing. Look closely at the picture below and youll see regular pinch points in the trunk, points where the trunk is narrower. It really doesn't look right with this species of tree. At first I was uncertain of the cause - I though maybe it was due to the displacement I applied to the bark, or maybe a result of polygon reduction when using it in a population.

A little study of the Arbaro design file revealed that this was the result of a design setting - the author had put the pinch points in on purpose!! I don't know what to say - love the program, but the author has apparently confused bamboo stalks with palm trunks.

Having found the cause and a solution, I'm reworking the palm models today along with the two smaller ones not released yet, and then I'll repackage the lot and send it off to Mr. Miley and Ashundar. So, coming soon to a virtual arboretum near you...



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Thanks for working on that!  The plants that some users are creating are really starting to look realistic :). - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.

Harvey Birdman

No prob. I just finished uploading them to Ashundar.

Yeah, Ogre's stuff looked pretty outrageous, didn't it?


Yes, I know, old topic - the download link doesn't work anymore. Are these or the updated models still available anywhere?


After a ...... errrrm ..... falling out ..... with Planetside Harvey Birdman asked me to remove the trees. I presume he also asked them to be removed from Ashundar too. Sorry about that.

I love the smell of caffine in the morning


Thanks a lot. I'll post the result to the image section once it's done. :-)