Dead Dinosaurs

Started by yossam, March 24, 2017, 11:47:02 pm

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Lovely! Maybe a bit more foreground lighting to bring out details in the platform?


It has been eaten.


Let there be light.................. ;)

Lady of the Lake

I like the first one is more ominous. 


Like it. A cloud like that...seems like the start of "The Incredible Shrinking Man".


Liking the colors for sure, cloud is a bit too brooding IMO.


Weird white top on the extreme right hand cloud, sets off my OCD. Water looks nice but might be a tad rougher... And I cant decide if the crane on the left violates the rule of thirds...

Nice colors though, and better reflections than I generally get. I'd like a light or two in those windows and maybe a dude on one of those gantries smoking...


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"dead dinosaurs", hee hee hee. you had me at the title....I like the lightened one but they both have merit.
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I like both versions. Impressive clouds!