Crash when doing space scene and activating Bloom and Starburst

Started by pclavett, March 22, 2017, 06:28:00 PM

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I have been having multiple crashes today when trying to do a space scene with Starburst and Bloom to light up the sun.
Using the Mac Version on MacPro and MacBook Pro....occurring on both machines.
Is this something that others have seen ???
I can try to get you a crash report.


I have tried a few times and it seems that either module will eventually bring a crash but was able to have a starburst a few times without the crash.
I have generated a report of the last crash and will include it if this can help.
Will continue to experiment and see if I can figure out the best explanation for the behaviour.
This has been very unusual for Terragen and had experimented previously with these modules with no problems but there has been an update it possible that this is a new issue with the last version ???
Thanks for looking into this !


I don't get any useful info from reading the crash log, but Matt might. However I think it would be helpful to know how much memory you have, and for you to monitor the system resources when rendering to see if you're running out of memory on these. There's no change I'm aware of that could cause this (nor have we had other reports of issues with it).

- Oshyan


Any chance you are using some extreme values? Or entered 0s or negatives somewhere?
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