relocate DEM

Started by Dune, March 25, 2017, 04:12:51 am

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We've got a problem. Trees off the pole tend to lean sideways (and a compute terrain doesn't help), and camera's are a bit harder to set right, so we want to relocate the area to be rendered to the pole. It's based on a DEM. I've tried rotating the planet with its textures and displacements, but that doesn't work. The area with the flag needs to go to the pyramid area (0/0/0).....
How would we go about this?


Okay, forget about the slanting trees, got that. But how can we relocate DEM as we wish?


You can manually georeference a DEM. Is that what you mean?

- Oshyan


I haven't actually thought of that, but was thinking about rotating the whole planet with all on it, as the Blue Marble spherical image needs to go with it preferably, so that's also a problem. But I will check out what's possible again.