Red sky at morning

Started by luvsmuzik, May 06, 2017, 09:02:11 am

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switching PF shaders on water for turbulence.
I know the burst is too much, but it was a 5 hour render, haha. :)


It's very nice. I like the star and the rough water. You won't need any transparency for this kind of water (just a basic color and pf waves and reflective shader may do nicely; I had that in my latest series render too), so that may reduce render time.


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I personally like the sunburst effect, I think it works well for the scene. Very peaceful.

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Thank you all!
@Dune et al, I think the render time problem here is that I did try to use a glass shader merged with a PF with little reflection on the actual water, trying to lift the waves up w/o a scalar function. (Is that even possible?)
I see these images with transparency (translucency)  in the waves and I just would love to get that result sometime :)


You can use a default shader with a pf (or not) as input for translucency, some mix of watery colors (greens/blues), and have that followed by a reflective shader. If the sun would be low you'd have that translucency. Either, if necessary, merge with a glass/water shader if you want to see a bit under water. I don't know what you mean by lift waves by w/o a scalar function.... You can make waves with any set of pf's, before that default shader.


However, the water looks great!!



Thanks Dune, Hannes, and Danny!

WIP This is the same terrain, but here I am trying all sorts of stuff.

I fiddled with the volume color and function for the water.
I tried smoothing the coastline, as I did not like the water clumping on the shore. I know Dune has made a beach package, but I am just fiddling with stuff.
AP's Generic Coniferous Pine and my pier obj. (with image texture and UV)

Just when I had this all set up to render another scene overnight......9 hours later I have 1/8 of image in clouds hour 17, I have tree tops and seemingly a frozen program...Windows 10 big update loading in background, I find after I finally stop the render. I do have TG output saving now, but gee....