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Started by duff, September 09, 2007, 02:11:31 PM

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I know it was a stupid thing to do and the instant I did it I knew that I'd messed up, but can you protect against silly user errors such as connecting a parent to a child.

I had spent a fair amount of time getting a nice image going when i decided to change one of my shaders from a child to be a layer in it's own right and rather than connect the child to the next node in the sequence I unfortunately decided to connect the parent to the child  :'(. Unfortuanetly I had also never saved so I lost all my work.

I appreciate that this is a demonstrator, but it should be a pretty quick fix to simply catch the error and pop up a message rather than to crash. (and it was rasied months ago...)

Not meaning to rant here, but I had hoped one of the releases would have included this. Although equally I feel somewhat stupid for doing it  :o



Any program I've ever used, auto-save or not, I save frequently.  It's a time old tradition for anyone in the IT field.
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Basic loop checking will be included in the final release but there may be some more complex situations that could be more difficult to check for. We'll do our best to prevent most "stupid mistakes" though. ;)

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Glad to here it.  :)

I offer myself if you need to check that future releases are foolproof.


Now that calico mentions it, what about an auto-save option for future releases?


and just to pile on will we be able to dump memory (from past projects, undos, ect)
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