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Started by bigben, September 13, 2007, 07:58:14 PM

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I once pasted into a text document after copying some nodes in TG2 (by mistake) and got the code for a TG clip.  What I was thinking of doing is getting my elevation data database to generate the code for a clip file of my terrain blending mask so that I could simply copy and paste from the database to TG2. I'm assuming that the ascii code for the clip is the only thing that's stored in the clipboard.  Should this work?

As a worst case scenario I can still export the clip files from the database and then insert them into TG2 but it would make the workflow a little easier if could click on a database button to copy the clip and then paste it into TG2. The main reason I decided on this approach was to rename the nodes in the mask for each terrain so that they were a bit more meaning full once I get a number of terrains loaded (as well as automatically populating the nodes with the correct variables).


Clip files, like .tgd files, are basically plain text XML. They can be copied, pasted, sent via IM or email, etc. as long as they remain in plain text format. So yes you could easily generate a clip and put it into the clipboard for pasting somewhere else. You can even copy/paste directly into the node network without having to use an intermediary clip file.

- Oshyan


Cool... this will make it a lot easier to pick and choose which terrains to load for a TGD and I may be able to find some other uses for it as well. I was aiming for pasting directly into the node network..

* Copy nodes from TG (so pasted clips will appear in the same location)
* Paste into database calculation field
* Substitute field names where required
* Program button to copy calculated result to clipboard