Terragen 4 Pro Install, Licensing

Started by dbeatson, May 07, 2017, 10:51:30 pm

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Hey all,

With our new TG4 Pro license, it comes with 5 Render Node Licenses.

From what I've read here that applied to older versions of Terragen, I can install TG4Pro onto 6 machines using the same install and license. Is still correct?

Our artists can then use those 6 installs (PC based), one active node at a time and the other 5 nodes can only be used to split frame ranges to Render? If someone tried to Create on a 2nd install, will it throw a warning at them saying they're doubling up?

e.g. (Alfred, Barry, Carl, David, Elaine, Fred) where Alfred is using his install to create and the other 5 users install to Render. Then in say 3 weeks, David is using his install to create and the 5 others, including Alfred's now unused install, to Render.

Upgrades and Transfers

  • If I upgrade Carl's PC to a new one, can I just uninstall TG4Pro from his machine and then install it onto his new one?

  • If we want to remove say Barry's PC from the pool and add George's PC, can I simply uninstall it and install it on the other PC?


You are correct about the license usage limitations. You have a single interactive/workstation license that is considered "floating" and can be used by one person at a time. Then you also have 5 render nodes which cannot be used interactively. License management is currently your responsibility, there is no license server.

In answer to your transfer and upgrade questions, yes to both. But again license management is something you have to do manually, in other words you need to ensure that you are in compliance with the license numbers you have purchased by managing their use. For render nodes this is ideally accomplished with manually set limitations in a render manager (e.g. max simultaneous active nodes). For interactive licenses, just make sure you don't have more than the number of artists using TG for which you have purchased licenses.

- Oshyan


Thanks for the clarification. Exactly what I was needing to know :)