SIGGRAPH 2017. Booth #200

Started by Matt, July 24, 2017, 06:22:05 pm

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Hey everybody,

Next week is SIGGRAPH 2017, and we're going to be there. This year we also have a booth in the exhibit hall!

Get yourself to Los Angeles between the 1st and 3rd of August, and come and see us! We are sharing booth number 200 with Pixel Plow.

Get a FREE Exhibits-Only Pass by registering with this guest code: TERRAPIX.

I'll be there with Oshyan and Ty (digitalis99) from Pixel Plow. Come over for a chat, or just come to see our freshly edited video reel showing how Terragen is being used in film. We'll also have a workstation loaded up with some goodies, so you might be able to interact with some unreleased features that we're working on.

SIGGRAPH is more than just the exhibition, though. Oshyan and I will be there from Sunday July 30th to nerd out at panels, papers and parties, in between setting up the booth. So let us know if you're in town!

Conference: 30 July - 3 August
Exhibition: 1-3 August
Booth #200
Los Angeles Convention Center

Who else is going?   :D

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Have a good and fruitfull time, Matt, Oshyan and Ty!


You know, it's just up the road., I may very well do just that.

Just grabbed TGD 4.1.11
Looking forward to exploring the new toys.

Does Pixel Plow have the build up yet on the stack?


If PixelPlow doesn't have it yet, they will very, very soon (by tomorrow, I'd guess). If they do it'd probably be the Alpha option still...

- Oshyan

Anna B Meyer

I just registered, and will be there Tuesday!

Thank you so much for the invitation!



Look forward to seeing you, Kyle and Anna, and welcome to the forum!
Just because milk is white doesn't mean that clouds are made of milk.


Possible to see that video reel that shows tg in movies?
I mean online?
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IF you guys are doing any sure to record it. Even if its low quality video. TG learning resources are a little sparse, so pro tips would help alot.

I cant be there....but if I were I would pick Matt's and Oshyan's brains until they kicked me out of the booth.


A version of the customer reel will end up online in the near future. We're not doing formal presentations this year so no recording. But we're working on the docs, and we look forward to talking with some of you here in-person!

- Oshyan


If I was anywhere near the area I would definitely drop by.  Maybe one year...