Angle from a reference vector

Started by bigben, July 10, 2017, 10:46:58 pm

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Excellent! Some interesting dithering artifacts at the top of the image though. Was that in the render, or due to post processing?

- Oshyan


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Quote from: Ariel DK on July 15, 2017, 12:42:00 pm
I almost missed this topic. as an idea, it's also useful for recreate the Ionosphere

... and this is exactly why I share my clips... seeing someone else find a good use for them :)

Change the vector to the poles and add auroras or other latitude-based masking.  All you need for each different latitude restriction is a new colour adjust node from the output to set the limits.


...once again, I love this forum....
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I formatted my PC a few days ago, saying this

@ Oshyan: yes, is PW. I finally buy PS cc v.18 yesterday, but the jpeg module was bad configurated, the original tiff is much more detailed

@ bigben: this scene already contains auroras  ;) i will make a render test now, but gonna be slow, because for now im only dedicating 512 mb for VRAM
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?