Dry country

Started by Dune, August 11, 2017, 12:20:43 pm

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Finally rendered something again that I can show.


Very nice, love the earthy feel to this. Cool stuff


A lovely pastoral scene! Great to see such a fine landscape done by a true Terragen Master!


Brilliant, I love the colour and the sense of space. Dry is an appropriate title, just looking at it makes me thirsty!  The fallen tree is great, is it a scan?


Oh my, this is fantastic Ulco. The twisted tree could be bigger and the horse looks a bit low budget (move it farther back and it'd be great!).


Looking pretty great overall. I agree with Dorian's feedback, but still a great-looking, realistic image as it is.

- Oshyan


Top notch as usual. Love that tree.
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Good looking environment. Eohippus?



Big Sky really dry country.Nice!!


Thanks guys. The horse is supposed to be a tarpan (Equus ferus ferus), derived from a DAZ horse. There's something off indeed, I'll check it out. The twisted tree is an olive I compiled with Jochen, a while ago. And yes, the trunk is a scan.
I might have another go, though the sky takes 1.5 hour more than the terrain, which renders in about 40mins.


Beautiful in every way. Those purple flowers are a nice touch.


That sky is definitely worth the 1.5! Wonderful work on all!


Success, it's so dry I had to stop for a drink of water....
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