New cloud definitions in Clouds in Terragen 4.1?

Started by eapilot, September 02, 2017, 04:36:34 pm

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So no longer have the cloud version 3?  Is that replaced with all of the other cloud definitions?  What is the difference with Global clouds vs all of the other ones?  Would you use those for planets instead?



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Right click in the node view and then "Create atmosphere". V3 is still there.


Global is basically the old V2, but with huge clouds, afaik, and you can change all parameters to get a normal V2 cloud.


"v3" are the new clouds introduced in Terragen 4. I know that can be a little confusing. ;) "v2" were the old clouds in Terragen 2 an 3.

In the Atmosphere Layout, when adding a cloud layer, if you use the "Generic" presets you get a general v3 cloud, with the same capabilities as the v2 clouds (e.g. all the external shader inputs, control of noise function, etc.). The others are presets, mostly using Easy Cloud (a variant of v3 clouds), except the Global Cloud Layers which use v2 cloud model because v3 has less benefit from orbit (and also is limited to local clouds).

As others said, if you just want to create a v2 generic cloud you can do so in the node network by right-clicking to add a node.

- Oshyan