Trappist 1 Solar System

Started by PabloMack, September 27, 2017, 05:50:45 pm

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This video is very cool. NASA experts talk about a solar system with seven earth-like planets! From one of these planets it is believed that you could actually see a sky full of large looking planets because distances are so short. With their sun being a red dwarf in combination with short distances, three of the planets are actually in the zone where life might be able to exist because the amount of solar radiation is comparable to variations on what Earth receives. But their years are also short on the order of our days to months. You guys should really like this video. Maybe someone can use real data from this system to make a realistic Terragen scene. Perhaps this might be a basis for a competition for Terragen Artists. I'd love to see their artwork.

agent unawares

escapetomars did one that I really like.,23558.msg238407.html#msg238407

It would be neat to see a bunch of takes on it though.