Speedtree 8 released

Started by zaxxon, October 24, 2017, 01:22:46 pm

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Some major changes in IDV's product line up. The Architect and Studio versions have been discontinued and the high-end Cinema version is now offered in several different levels:


The product looks amazing, but it is also more expensive. The original Cinema version was a $5k  monster complete with a fairly extensive tree library, and it had animated growth and seasonal aging and some nice layout utilities. Cinema version 8 adds major modeling and texturing capabilities and a new set of tree models that appear to be a huge improvement over the old libraries. The pricing options range from 3 month 'subscriptions' from $200 (one year $650) to perpetual with or without tree libraries for an escalating series of prices. Upgrade pricing is by inquiry only at this point, so we'll see...


Shame the dropped the Architect version.
$1650 for a small independent artist (like me) is a big ask :(

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Might be a nice software but it is too expensive...especially for hobbyists.


I have an old architect version and I'm afraid I shall have to make do with that as my pension certainly won't stretch to ST8!