Clumped square noise

Started by mhaze, October 26, 2017, 07:22:16 am

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Playing with Square noise.  I've used Hetzen's sq noise file and used a colour adjust node to clump the noise.  This gives a more flaking away look.  Thanks for the idea Hetzen!
I've put the file in file sharing.


Her's another more refined version.


These/this is close as anyone has come yet IIRC
something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
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Just great! Thanks for sharing this one also. Very good of you! :)


Very nice! Did you use an image map? I am very curious to see if this also works at low angles and on the sides of the rock wall. :)


Rene, See the file in file sharing, I used Hetzen's Square noise and added a colour adjust to clump the noise.  This was just a quick test.  At some point I'll use the technique in a proper picture.  It should work quite happily on sloping surfaces.


Oké, thanks! I'll give it ago.


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Seems to be ideally suited for a Western scene ;) Great!


I've come up with similar shapes a lot, but I just want them straighter, and the hard edges to smooth a bit. Wonder how yours is setup and if it's possible.


See the above links Hetzen's file is very versatile.