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Started by SpacePioneer, October 29, 2017, 09:40:31 pm

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I am fairly new to this so excuse me if this is a stupid question but...
I have a 4 TB external hard drive...Can I download Terragen 4.1 onto that and be able to use it on my computer via creating a desktop shortcut to the exe at least?  Will the licensing allow such a thing? Because I'd like to have the program on that in case my computer bites the dust or I just get a new computer in general, and in case the files somehow end up being huge.


I don't know about installing elsewhere, but if your machine dies, you just reinstall. TG is relatively small. The files you gather using TG are best be kept elsewhere indeed, but you can choose where. I have a special folder on partition E, which I empty now and again.

Before you start working with TG, remember to keep your assets in an easy place with a clear structure that doesn't change, like a library. If you change naming, or place of that library (where trees and such are called from), opening older files may get you warnings that assets can't be found because you moved them.

Have fun with TG and welcome, btw.


Terragen needs to be installed, but you can choose where to install it. It does make some limited registry entries, but can work pretty well as a "portable" application just by running the .exe.

If you purchase Terragen, the most important thing to backup is your license key file. You can usually download the installers again later, but while your license key can be retrieved, it can be more involved.

- Oshyan


Thank you for the answers  :) I'll definitely keep all of it on my external hard drive and use it 'remotely' then.  And thank you for the welcome :)