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Started by AndyWelder, November 18, 2017, 11:40:15 AM

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Danny kind a coaxed me into posting the file belonging to "Lost in Hoodoos WWW" here  ;)  This is the cleaned up version without the obsolete nodes, non-native objects and references to images used for masking purposes.
Inside the project you'll find some notes with what I think is essential information on understanding how the set-up works. [attachimg=3]The Detail render shows the impact of changing the "Gradient patch size" from 5 to 255 in one of the 'Floating Islands'.
Have fun playing with this one!
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This is gonna be fun, thanks Andy.
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Great share, thanks Andy! (and Danny for the nudging :D )

- Oshyan


Thanks for sharing, it was very helpful to me.


Thanks Andy, will be an interesting study!