TERRIBLE issue about TGO objects

Started by pedrovilar, January 22, 2018, 07:09:49 am

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Last day I detected a TERRIBLE issue with tgo objects that can ruin hours or even days of work. I imported obj objects that I transformed into Terragen; then they were saved as tgo objects and used in projects later. Projects containing some kind of tgo objects (rocks, for example) were saved with these objects inside. Upon loading them next day, I checked that they were destroyed (I mean the Terragen file), ruining hours of work! :-[ I think that this is a horrible bug that should be fixed as soon as possible.


Hmm, this should not be happening. (obviously)

Can you provide some more details please.
I just tried to reproduce your bug with no success.
here's what I did.
I imported an .obj into TG. I gave it a power fractal texture.
Made a render.
I then saved the object as a .tgo (right click on the obj file, choose "Save Object File">save as *.tgo)
Closed Terragen.
Re open Terragen
Import newly saved tgo file
Make render
Save Terragen file.
Close and re-open Terragen
Open previously saved Terragen file with the .tgo file in it.
Make render.

Compare all three renders. They are all the same.

(you can't export Terragens native procedural Rock object)

Can you confirm the steps you are taking and the version of Terragen you are using.

Ryzen 9 3900X @3.79Ghz, 64Gb (TG4 benchmark 6:20)
i7 5930K @3.5Ghz, 32Gb (TG4 benchmark 13.44)


What is the exact error message you got? If the problem is with the project file (.tgd) then it might have been caused by something else (not specific to TGOs). If you still have the .tgd it might be recoverable. If you can send it to support AT planetside.co.uk we can take a look.

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pedrovilar, what do you mean by saying the project file was "destroyed"?

From what I assume, you might have used an object that has some diacritic mark (ą, ę, é, ñ, ö or other) in its name... Or named the project file that way...

This is the only object / tgo file instance where you can indeed call the project being "destroyed". TG cannot handle special letters and signs in file names. If I were you, I'd make sure if this is not the case by any chance.
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