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Started by Stu08, January 08, 2018, 06:51:14 AM

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I've exported a heightmap and a colourmap from World Creator to Terragen; the heightmap is fine (well, I have to fiddle with the displacement/elevation a little) ...

... but the colourmap only appears in black and white when applied as an Image Map.  No RGB at all.  You can see the various layers of textures in different degrees of greyscale.

I know the colourmap is in colour.

Any advice or suggestions on how I make that colour appear would be greatly appreciated.



Red to Scalar etc. You can grab this freebie that contains an example tgd in the shop. It is a World Machine created terrain, however the set-up is the same
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Excellent!  Thanks Danny.

I've d/l'ed that file and I'll go over it now...
... thank so much!


Can you upload the colour map, even a very low res version. Either there is something wrong with the colour map or you are using it in the wrong place.
When you look at the preview of the image map shader can you see the colour image?

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Thanks cyphyr ...
.... I was using it in the wrong place.

After downloading Danny's file and giving it a good look; after adding the Image Map as a function in a new Surface, everything suddenly worked: glorious colour! :)

Everything in it's right place.