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Started by AndyWelder, January 10, 2018, 01:50:29 PM

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Very promising, René. Agree with Ulco about the rings.


Andy, you mean. It's the age, I'm sure  ;)


What a decision to pick and choose from this group! Promising results for sure!


These are killer starts Andy...
Quaking here!
Better get my thinking cap on!


The "New Islands" project is on the IC right now, looks like it received a possibly fatal load of buckshot right in its center...  :o[attach=1]
I don't know what happened, officer! We were chillin', kinda celebrating the first full sized render of the new setup... And then suddenly, bang, we saw how that dude in the middle exploded!! All the PF's... Just exploded! Weird, man... No, officer, the first partial render at the same size and detail level looked OK, everything smooth. No, like I said, I have no clue...*distant sirens getting more distant*
Off to the IC, looks like there's some work to be done... "Scalpel, please!"
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Nice WIP. I like the general composition too.


Not feeling up to par these days but managed to cure the exploded PF problem.
"Ik rotzooi maar wat aan" Karel Appel


You have some lines in your water in the center. Maybe move the lake a bit, as I vaguely remember that's helping to get rid of them.


Thank you for this advice, Ulco! I was thinking it was a render flaw showing a faulty merge of the render buckets. Will heed your advice.
"Ik rotzooi maar wat aan" Karel Appel


Explosions can get stuffed.  ;D Interesting piece.


The experiment with the stacked spheres didn't turn out what I was hoping for... Curing one flaw just created an other and I ended up with a rock I didn't like at all. But the bright side is it did teach me a couple of things about PF's. Renders made during that phase are all small and in general low in detail, except this one, the one I called "The Sphincter"  ;D [attach=1] The full details didn't show up on an earlier low quality render so I did dress up the terrain a bit for testing purposes.
I went back to the "drawing board" and overhauled the original set-up: Removed most of the colors, tweaked the lateral displacements and fiddled with the settings of the PF's. Also decided to change the POV so there would be less water (to reduce render times) and sky. The focus still was on that arch and that's why it got more close up. This resulted in the two other cliffs being moved and, after some time generating new seeds for them I was quite happy with the two now visible. It also made  it inevitable IMO to change the image's aspect ratio.[attach=2]
In the process I dressed up the coastline but neglected the foam/surf distribution; that's still based on the former position of the cliffs.
"Ik rotzooi maar wat aan" Karel Appel


Good decision. Looks great!!


Looking great. Remonds me or Dr No or the islands of Ha Long Bay.

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j meyer

Nice rocks.
The foam as is looks a bit like the photographer/viewer is on a boat coming from that arch.
Adds something, at least in my eyes.