Dune's cliff

Started by Dune, January 17, 2018, 10:17:27 AM

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j meyer

Nice squarish rock shapes.  :)


Yes, I'm not very satisfied with this yet (it's all to squarish), but I thought I'd post some of my trials (and errors). I may enter with something completely different.
Anyway, here's another one, added a dino for size  ;)


Next try.


Don't know about the dinosaur...  :)  The atmosphere and scale of the second one is very appealing. So it's to be Sea Cliffs? Should be amazing given your skills with water and rock!


I don't know if it's to be sea cliffs. I have a thing with water  >:( Too slow. Plenty of time still to make something nice.


Another setup.


looks pretty nice already.
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QuoteI have a thing with water  >:( Too slow.
The same here, a hate/love relation! Down to the horizon the render takes only a couple of minutes but the part with water fifteen, twenty minutes.
Those new cliffs look great, just wondering what those dots are.
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All are great, but that fish hook effect at the base of CLIFFS with dinosaur is cool. Sand effects pretty neat too in all of them. 


Looks fantastic!
I first thought the white vertical stuff represents bird droppings. But since each white part is perfectly vertical I guess, it's water?!

Quote from: AndyWelder on February 04, 2018, 03:02:11 AM
...just wondering what those dots are.

Water too? If so, I'd say there should be many many more smaller and random sized spheres. Just a thought...




Almost forgot this; another setup I tried. Some interesting areas, but a lot of glitches and not natural enough.


We have to be watching the same programs, I just saw those guys on the Nature Channel the other day... :)
(I know, you do this kind of stuff in real life.)

Rocks are nice, you must watch a few American Westerns filmed on location..your creation is absolutely possible in nature. I had to look real close while viewing an older western the other day to see if the canyon hideout was real or cardboard. old black and white film.

Many great options to chose from.


All good of course but I liked the last on, the birds on and  CLIFFS_17-01-18-v4B-test1.jpg best.
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Wow, the last one looks fantastic!!