Dune's cliff

Started by Dune, January 17, 2018, 10:17:27 AM

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Jo Kariboo

I like this cliff and the addition of birds are good elements. I can not wait to see the finale with the clouds.


It's nearing the finish line, having rendered for 7 hours now at 4K width.


You have a few grass instances that appear to be growing oddly on your rock in the foreground near the geese. Perhaps something to fix in a crop render?

- Oshyan


Yes, that was one of the edits I had to do. Thanks. Final is now ready (9 hpours) and amazingly the light/contrast is quite nice without any postwork. I'll post soon.


Okay, here goes. I might have changed more subtle stuff and added things, but I'm getting fed up with it now, and need my time. 9 hours to render at this size @06 and 6, with soft shadows on. Virtually no post, not even color adjusts. I did try HDR change from an exr output, but it was too contrasty and I didn't like it. Automatic contrast made it too hard too, and I like the hazyness, it suits the wet environment.


Excellent! Not really bad render time for resolution tho. Your coastal foam here is great. Nice beach with debris and cave! Great rockface and vegetation outstanding. Good luck!

Jo Kariboo

Beautiful! I enjoyed seeing all the evolution of your work to arrive at your final result.


A truly excellent image! Tough competition in this contest no doubt!


A wonderful piece. Great atmosphere and detail.


Loads of great detail there. Great bit of work.

j meyer



Congratulations Dune, the last work looks stunning  :o ;) :-X