Dune's cliff

Started by Dune, January 17, 2018, 10:17:27 am

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Quote from: Dune on March 01, 2018, 10:31:59 am
Cliffs are about 100m high, but I'm already trying a lower displacement on the muddy and debris part. See if that helps.

Cave is just a simple shape masking a distribution shader set to min and max altitude and a vector displacement shader, very simple.

Oh I see now...you don't always make it separate like the famous arch is done....cool! Thanks!


Less imaginative than the previous ones but therefore more realistic. The flattened mountains in the distance fit well.


Yes, that's something to consider too.


Two more versions. I added the mechanical stuff for size comparison, but I don't know if I like it. Perhaps a simple ruin or lighthouse is more appropriate. Reduced the chunks of rock debris, which is better IMO. Also changed the higher hills.
There are also 3407 guillemots sitting on that cliff  ;)


Definitely like the last one. Maybe the frame of a sunken wooden ship ... ?
Also the lighting was better in the first one, not sure what has changed (other than everything lol)
Like the guillemots!

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What first one do you mean? I may have doubled haze or so.

Maybe this is appropriate, abandoned, modded oil rig, hung with 'ivy generated' seaweed.


This looks really good!! But to me the wet sand or mud part still looks too large compared to the cliffs. Maybe it's just me, but when I look at the image I have the impression that the cliffs are just one meter high.
The wet part looks insanely good and so are the cliffs, but to my taste it just doesn't fit together scalewise.

Jo Kariboo

The clif is excellent. I find the low tide unrealistic unless it announces a big tsunami. The low tide can sometimes spread over several kilometers as on your image but in the strongest tide of the century the water level reaches a maximum of 16 meters. I agree with what Hannes says about the sands and the size of the cliff.


I see what you mean. Maybe the displacements are too smooth and simple, maybe it needs more gullies, etc. I'll try to find some refs.


Yeah you've lost the scale a bit in the last few iterations. I think it might have to do with the blanket reflectivity going on as well. Could probably do with toning down.

bla bla 2

I can do the tsunami, if you here alright, Ulco ?


The cliff face looks excellent Ulco.
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Yes, that's a good idea, Jon. After working on something for a while one tends to overlook certain things (especially if other ideas to build get the overhand).
And, Bastien, a tsunami would be something for you to make. I guess you make something very special out of it.


Plodding along and testing stuff. Still not what I hoped it would be.


It might be a matter of taste. Both, the cliffs and the mud part look insanely good, if you take them separately, but to me they still don't fit scalewise.. I always have the impression that the cliff is a miniature. But maybe it's just my impression...