Gannaingh's Cliff WIP

Started by Gannaingh, January 19, 2018, 09:37:47 PM

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I figure I should throw my hat in the ring and start up my own WIP thread.


Hello!! I really like it, one of the most stable form I've seen.. It's without artifacts and realistic, good blending of noise and strata.. Very good start my friend!!  ;) ;D


Those strata layers are really nice!
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Very nice, I am sure this will progress nicely
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I think I'm leaning towards a Cliffs of Moher style cliff.

This one is a quick version from up above the cliff tops looking off towards the horizon. I added a granite shader as well as a single population of grass to give the top some basic texture and color. I've spent some time working on general shapes for my cliff wall, a lot of pressing the random seed button, since I want to improve the variation that I have in the cliff structures. I also need to do more work on the coloring and texturing for the cliff wall to get more realistic variety.

How know, since there's a lot of time left I might go in a completely different direction.


Interesting. Cliffs of Moher was something I stumbled upon a few days ago, and would be an interesting challenge. Good luck to you too.


I've been working on the shapes of my cliff so that my scene deserves to be in the same competition as the awesome working being done by my competitors. I've made some progress on making more well defined features that look as if they have seen years by the sea, but there's a long way to go.


Distance is getting smaller  ;)




A great sense of scale. The cliffs are a bit soft to my taste though.


This is coming on apace. I look forward to seeing where it goes.


Hi, I really like the fact that you take on the challenge of these rather unspectacular rock formations.
At least in comparison to the "Rockgarden Wonders of the World", so to speak. I hope you get what I mean ???
I think as an artist you have to be very precise and thoughtful to make this kind of scene appealing.
Very curious where this leads to.

For now I would lighten up the shadow areas with a second sunlight (Shadows Off and Atmosphere Off).
A lot of details gets lost (on my computer screen at least).
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I bet that increasing the environment light's strength looks way better than using a second sun.
Sorry, Klaus, I had to write this, since this has been discussed quite often.
Maybe it's a matter of taste, but using a second sun might be good for a scene with... well, two suns. To me the lighting looks quite flat, when a second sun is used to lighten up the scene.
So why not using the (more or less!!!!) real thing?