Gannaingh's Cliff WIP

Started by Gannaingh, January 19, 2018, 09:37:47 pm

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I agree. Though I still think, you could increase the env light just a bit to brighten up the very dark areas on the left.

Cool tip, Oshyan. I put it into my "Good to know"-folder.


I'm toying with ways to make the background more interesting. So far, my leading idea is the current pair of islands at different distances to give more depth to the scene. I'm also starting to work on the clouds to make the sky more lively.

Jo Kariboo

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The rendering is better and the addition of cloud and other shorelines make it a more vivid  than any other in this series. It seems to me therefore more realistic.


I'd say the clouds look a bit overexposed.


I really like the added islands, definitely adds that sense of depth! Of course it also changes the feeling of the scene, it is less "lonely" and "alone" now. But that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The clouds do look a bit "overexposed" or just not very thick, and in the tropics I tend to see fluffier, "wetter" clouds with a bit more gray. I'd be curious if you have adjusted the colors at all and if so whether the "Max albedo" shown in the cloud Colour tab is above 100. If so you generally want to avoid that for a realistically exposed scene.

That being said since you are exposing for the ground here, and it is a decent brightness, it's possible the sky is overexposed as a result. This is common in photography. If there is extra detail to be had in the EXR then post processing will bring that out. If not, then I'd say the clouds lack some detail.

- Oshyan


I fully agree that the clouds are over-exposed, fortunately they're far from final. I just like sharing updates!

The cloud coloring and lighting is default with the max albedo sitting at 100%. The light from the sun will be a little tricky to balance since the sun is just 3 degrees above the upper right-hand corner of the image, so the clouds are getting absolutely blasted with light.


Guessing you're still tweaking the clouds, but the rest of the scene is stellar by my eye..keep on tweaking.
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I like the islands too, very good addition. I hope you can get a decent sky in.


I've finally gotten a render together with some improved, but not yet final, clouds. Unfortunately, the combination of the clouds and all the populations is pushing my computer to the limit so I might have to resort to Pixel Plow for my final render. I'm experiencing a funky shadow on the young palm population on the left hand side of the image so I'll have to track down what is causing that. I also want to add more variety to the terrain on the near island.


That is a pretty image Jeff. You have a good shot at another notch in your belt with this one. Good luck


Jo Kariboo

Beautifull picture! The shadow in part left are excellent for me, Nice detail and variation on the cliff!


Beautiful scene! Good luck!
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cant see any problem with the shadow. looks top notch.
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