Desert Cliffs clip

Started by luvsmuzik, January 24, 2018, 11:05:44 am

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Trying new files
Used Dunes fake stones tgc (never know what is in file sharing!) :)
Desert Cliff tgc combining with strata


coastline smooth at 1
stones on slope limits
strata not so deep


Wow, nice job with the landscape luvs! I am also trying to prep some stones and debris for that mountain lake image, so keep your fingers crossed. ;)
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Your second iteration is quite promising, I like that one.


The second daytime rendering is great, nice job!


something borrowed,
something Blue.
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Thanks everyone!
Some grass masonspappy  and greenery: Mr. Lampost's bush
Endless resaving files, because I never did get these units set up to share files....


Very realistic. Careful how you build this up further (don't waste the prettyness), perhaps a few clumps of trees/reeds or a dead log on shore...