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Started by N-drju, December 18, 2017, 07:18:20 AM

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Here's my little point in case related to this discussion about improving the spotlight appearance:


"If it's possible to stack spotlights one over another, why not try with sunlight in order to make godrays great again?" I thought, inspired by KlausK's initial achievements.

The rule is simple and the concept has been proven I guess as you can see from another image - the more suns you have the smoother the crepuscular rays will be:


There is one disadvantage to this otherwise useful method - each additional sunlight adds substantially to the render time. Which perhaps you wouldn't mind after all upon doing final render.

Anyway, as per Oshyan's suggestion (and Bobby's cheerful encouragement) I am posting a clip file with my setup, so you can have a look at it and tweak it.

It's nothing special really, not much modifications from the defaults and it takes just a few minutes to prepare it from scratch. But there you go anyway lazyboneseses. :D

Just follow instructions and, if you have patience, try to experiment with more sunlight sources or maybe some other options.
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Great, off to my workstation to check this out...thanks mate.
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