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Started by mhaze, February 01, 2018, 10:36:59 AM

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The problem is partly to do with translucency and partly the distribution of the populations.  I'll play some more if I have time.  I tend to put too much in pics so something should perhaps go.


LOTs still to do....


GOATS!! I just saw them lol.
I really like the shapes you are getting here and the hanging moss is a great addition.

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more -
"You come down here."
"No! you come up here!"


Final!  I have to go away for a few days and won't have time to do more :(  I would have liked to worked more on the little waterfall.


WONDERFUL image!  This would make an outstanding print! Safe travel. :)


I know the feeling, I almost always feel I've forgotten something on a big project bur sometimes having a 'time' restriction gets more stuff actually finished...great image and Good Luck.
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Your rocks are extremely cool. Maybe a tad too even, maybe some pf displacement would be in place to break the straightness. Too bad you have to go and leave this wonderful work. Good luck with your entry!

j meyer

 8) Very nice and painterly.



Very nice, I would suggest darkening up the atm to make it more spooky, however you might loose all that amazing details going on. Either way Mick, that is great render. Top 3 will be tough this year
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Jo Kariboo

Excellent your cliff! The aspect of the rendering is special, it makes me think of a painting!



Nice image. Yes it kinda looks like a painting to me too.