simple shape shaders

Started by rosoule, February 25, 2018, 07:30:40 am

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I am using TG2 and can't locate the Simple Shape Shader input. Strange, but true.


Indeed very strange. Do you want to put up a screenshot?
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Of what? I have looked at every Input option and can't locate Simple Shape Shaders.
Where would I go and does the fact that "Dynamic Link Library not available" appears when I start the program?


It's both under color shaders and displacement shaders.


I have 9 under color and 12 under displacement, none say Shape Shader. Is it a subset of them or not?


Are you positive that when in Terrain tab.. if using fractal terrain....with fractal terrain control box open...mask by shader...create a new shader under Displacement...simple shape shader

The simple shape is used as a mask or to invert a mask. It is not an object like rock, plane, sphere, etc that you can use independently.

You can mask a surface layer to fine tune position and many other uses.


my bad, soooooooo long since I played with TG
there it is