Bizzaro Geometry Clipping

Started by SILENCER, February 08, 2018, 03:30:34 PM

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I have seen this from time to time in animation renders...everything looks dandy in the test frames, then as the shot moves you see a hard linear clip in the Geo, wiping the terrain on or off with a hard line.

Today I'm seeing it in stills from these inverse crater tower things, but only at certain angles.

Here's some fun examples, the RTP grab, and its rendered counterpart.

I realize some of the displacement is wacky, but it doesn't appear to be so far out of school that it cannot be dealt with properly.

I also tried higher and lower gradient patch size settings in the two Compute Terrain nodes in the displacement chain.

Weird? You be the judge!


Adjust your planetary Displacement Tolerance up some.


Well I'll be damned, lookie there.

Thanks for the tip, you handled that like a boss.


Yeah I've been struggling with these errors before, so knew exactly what it was from your images. Thanks for posting to make it really clear.