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Started by Ironshirt, October 04, 2007, 05:59:42 am

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Has anybody of you tested this out, yet (beside Dick Jones and Mike themselves)?
Does it work with the registered version of TG2 and/or with the newest official build?

By all means it sounds good! I think I'll give it a try!

Harvey Birdman

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One sentence in that article makes me question the professionalism and reliability of their entire set of claims/information - 'Every feature of the program was tested'.


You know, I've been playing with this nearly full-time since February, and I doubt I have scratched the surface of experimentation with the product, let alone exhaustively tested 'every feature'. I'd love to see the test development resumes of that pair.

If that isn't a BS claim I don't know what is.

I doubt even Planetside would have the audacity to claim they've 'tested every feature'.



mashed up link :( msql problems I think...
But seriously, other than the obvious value of simply not being part of the MS monopoly would there be any performance bonus in using TG (and other programs) in a linux environment?

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Harvey Birdman

Quote from: cyphyr on October 04, 2007, 08:55:01 am
But seriously, other than the obvious value of simply not being part of the MS monopoly would there be any performance bonus in using TG (and other programs) in a linux environment?

Exactly - the nut of the matter.

To backtrack a moment to the article again, if I may, that sort of crap does nothing to encourage people to take linux seriously. Suppose now that some TG2 user is experimenting with Linux and reads this, then invests a number of hours configuring an installation only to find that some obvious, necessary feature (like the node view) doesn't work reliably, in spite of the claims of the self-appointed pundits. How is that going to affect their opinion of Linux or the likelihood they'll take it seriously again?

Inflated, unsubstantiated claims of 'testing every feature' are only going to encourage a disparaging attitude towards the use of the OS.


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I doubt that you have any performance bonus under wine - its just a win emulator...

But if a program/game is written for linux, in most cases you will have a (little) performance bonus and most programs run much more stable... that's my experience...

Once we have tested the performance difference with Quake 3 linux and windows version...
The linux version made 10-15 more fps with same settings...
(yes I know, it's also a matter of the drivers and the hardware being used)

If anybody has to do with CAD systems (like CATIA, PRO-E) you may find this link interesting:

QuoteAs a result, our customers can immediately take advantage of the low cost of ownership and excellent performance of the Linux environment."]


I've had a couple of apps perform better under Wine than with Windows on a same spec machine but the real problem is, does everything work? Once you have tested everything and it works then you're sorted. The other performance benefit is that Linux does not screw up as an OS the way Windows does but it's always a case of once sorted then you're problem free from then on. I would ditch Windows completely without question for Linux but I still have a Windows machine running for some things - this is gradually diminishing though. I also have a Mac so Windows is not so important for me. Not tried TG2 on Wine yet but I may give it a go. What I'd really like would be simple rendering for TG2 on Linux machines without any GUI.


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I've tested and it works. There are some UI issues. That's to do with Open GL I think. It happened with another app I tested and was at one stage fixed in an earlier Wine version but has regressed again. Most of the UI that disappears does reappear with mouse over but not the properties on the left. However TG2 is actually usable on Linux because the node network and all floating setting windows do work. The realtime preview works fine. The really interesting fact though is that it appears to render faster. I have two almost identical PCs here. One has Windows, the other Linux. Both are hyperthreading CPUs. I disabled this on the Windows machine but on the Linux machine it is enabled. This means Linux sees two CPUs but TG2 can only use one. However the rendering speed on this one CPU is well above half that on my Windows machine. To fully test this properly I'd have to go into the bios and disable hyperthreading. I may try that but it looks good anyway. Theoretically the multicore version of TG2 should also be able to utilize hyprthreading CPUs to full. Here's a screenshot:


I have found one intermittent problem. The right click menu in the node graph fails. Everything else functions but not exactly well due to the UI. However this right menu problem seems to be the only brick wall in doing any task. I tried disabling my HT but Linux takes a performance hit when I do this so render times are not faster than Windows but perfectly OK. For rendering it is definitely OK.