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Started by Valentina, February 18, 2018, 11:07:21 am

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Hi everyone, I'm a 3d artist at the very beginning and since I work with other softwares I'm a very slow learner in Terragen  :( .
Even if I'm still a newbie, I'm trying to work on scenes with just some features in order to try to understand every step I make.
Here's a still I'm working on, just sea and clouds. I'm pretty satisfied with the general shape and texture of the water, but I would like to insert this scene in my portfolio and I'd really appreciate some critics and advice. Feel free to tell me that it's not suitable at all for a portfolio, I'm here because you're so expert.

As always, many thanks for your time and sorry for my english,


I might try to put the clouds higher plus the flat bottom....not sure about that either.
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I'm concerned about the flat bottom, too. But honestly I'm not able to fix it.


Hey Valentina. That's quite a good scene actually - bright and with nice, deep colors.

The clouds could use some more wispiness if you ask me. I get that impression that there are chunks of hard white floating randomly and you might want to delete it.

You can modify the flat cloud base by adding another cloud layer to the bottom of the first one. :) You might want to use smaller fractal scales to make it diverse. Another solution would be to supplement "constant color" modifier to the "depth modulator" socket. Alternatively, use "transform input shader" before the density fractal and change the "rotate" values there - this makes cloud bottoms a bit more wavy, though I am afraid it won't have any noticeable effect from that distance.
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Hi, N-drju, thank you for your suggestions, I'll try them all. :)