Attempt at realism

Started by Revenant, February 25, 2018, 01:40:56 pm

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Hi all, after years of abscense i am trying to make some pictures with TG again. Here's a current WIP i am onto. still lacking in some areas like snow distribution, surface (more layers), vegetation, but anyway.. i am satisfied with the current WIP after approx 6-7 years without TG :D Please let me know your Ideas of what you would improve or take care of in this picture. Thanks :)



This is a great start. Yes some veggies and perhaps some bigger random rocks around.
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It sure is a very good start. The thing that bugs me most is the specks of snow on the hills. Maybe you should try to make that a softer distribution. Some more variety in the grass maybe (paler dead patches here and there, flowers maybe, and what archonforest says; some loose boulders up front.


What Dune said and if you are using models for grass(or any pop) don't forget to investigate the Colour Tab on the pop as you can vary the colouring with a Power Fractal....
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