No Background - Transparent Sky

Started by WAS, February 28, 2018, 06:41:45 pm

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I remember in the past you could just disable the background and export your TIFF and the background would be transparent. I believe this was back in TG2. I just noticed while trying to export a asteroid for someone that the TIFF contained a black background, despite there being no background. I read use render elements, but when I disable the background the TIFF still has a solid background? Any ideas? This is TG3.

Also, hello, everybody, been awhile. :P


Disabling the background should never have made anything transparent in the normal render output, as far as I know. The only way to get transparency out is with a render Alpha. The alpha is in a separate image, Terragen doesn't support embedded alpha. You can either switch to Alpha in the Renderer view after a render is completed and save that separately, or access it in the Render Temp files if you have that enabled, or use Extra Output Images and Render All To Disk on the Sequence/Output tab of the Renderer.

- Oshyan


Alright, thanks. Interesting I had done lots of wallpapers in the past without any special options besides disabled the background. If I was indeed just doing that it would be a nice added feature. This was back in Terragen 2 that I was doing a lot of planets like the Dune planet I did few years ago. Just like in the preview, there is no background and gives us the alpha of the application, why not in the render? TIFF does support it.