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Started by cyphyr, March 01, 2018, 05:52:32 am

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Finally got to see Marvels Black Panther last night. Generally very impressed. Great film with stunning VFX. It managed to circumvent a trap that many of the recent VFX block busters seem unable to avoid, namely, building the story around the VFX so we end up with beautifully shot and composited scenes tenuously linked together (yes I'm looking at you SWLJ !), almost as if the VFX was the point of the exercise.
The story flows well and although it could have been shorter it lost nothing by taking a slower and slightly deeper journey.
My only crit is the slightly cartoony colour palate used in many of the scenes but I can forgive this since it has a comic as its source.
Go see it if you get the chance.

By the way I generally see films in 2D rather than 3D as I find a lot of the 3D effects are thrown in just because they can and it can detract from the story.

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Great film! Thoroughly enjoyed it. But...

You might be interested in this:
The Engadget article is called, "'Black Panther' is amazing. Why are its CG models so terrible?"

Although the VFX industry is being pushed to its limits I thought the effects in Black Panther are excellent and actually the models are really fine. I was so incensed by this journalist's ignorance and to a certain extent the quoted artists' anonymous nature that I contacted the journalist via Twitter. He clearly doesn't understand that an animated character with poor weight/animation or a dodgy shot composition is nothing to do with the quality of the underlying model. It may be a semantics thing, but in writing an article like this I'd make sure to at least have a cursory understanding as to the workflow of a VFX shot.
Terrible my f****ing arse. Additionally, if you're going to make changes to the VFX industry, don't remain anonymous. My name is Alex Jevon and believe VFX to be on a steeply inclined downward slope that most studios are doing nothing to avoid. Just say no. No we won't make 27 changes to that shot that's been finalled 3 times. No we won't be delivering 4K when you're paying HD rates. No you can't come in daily and badger our staff with fresh ideas. No we won't won't work on edits that aren't nearly locked. Contrary to popular belief, no we don't like 12 hour days.

Great film though.


*applause* Alex, well said!

- Oshyan


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I waited for Avatar to appear in the TV for all of the reasons you mentioned. The story was what I cared for. Not the 3D effects. I liked it and probably better than I would if I went to the cinema to see the movie in 3D.
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I like it when the ad agency people are referred to as "the creatives" and they can't do a shot.
Or call out a lens length.
Or have an idea of their own.
"make up a bunch of shit, a few moves, and we'll choose"

Real creative.