Massive Astronomical Objects Governed by Schrödinger Equation

Started by Matt, March 08, 2018, 06:21:54 PM

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And so we come full circle. Massive Astronomical Objects Governed by Schrödinger Equation.

Caltech planetary scientist Konstantin Batygin: "Eventually, you can approximate the number of wires in the disk to be infinite, which allows you to mathematically blur them together into a continuum. When I did this, astonishingly, the Schrödinger Equation emerged in my calculations."
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Qm has probability as it's output, so do a lot of these cosmological models, so I'm not really surprised that something like this can happen. As you probably know, GR and QM don't play well together producing infinities.

I'll certainly keep an eye on this. There is a romantic notion that laws governing the really small apply to the really vast.

There was a paper recently proposing that super cooled fluids have behaveral characteristics to dark matter, which looks interesting too.