The worlds of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Started by Kexikus, March 17, 2018, 04:37:47 pm

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Thanks guys, glad you like them :)

Quote from: WASasquatch on October 13, 2018, 10:11:05 pm
These are still just fantastic. Are you releasing the HD skybox pack? Would definitely be fun to play with.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm going for.


Well, here's another update:


As with Korriban, Dantooine is also present in both KotOR games. This one is for the second game.

After the Jedi Civil War and the destruction of the Jedi academy Dantooine has been mostly abandoned. What's left is a desperate place, far from its former glory.

Certainly not the best render but it looks good ingame.

And here are some screenshots both for Datooine and some other places I've shown before:


Just seen these -wonderful work especially the skies!


It took a while but over the holidays I finally had some time to work on skyboxes again, so here's an update:


Sometimes called "Coruscant of the Outer Rim", Taris was an ecumenopolis unfortunately located away from newly discovered trade routes. Still, the upper class housed in skyscrapers far above the surface, while the lower levels of the city became more and more dangerous.

And then there's Telos (again):

Telos (Polar Regions)

Hidden in the polar mountains of war ravaged Telos, lies a secret Jedi academy.

Yes, that really is an unspectacular render, but at least it fits the season ;)

And finally, here are some ingame screenshots of these two planets:


I finally finished another skybox. Yeay :D

Malachor V

Malachor V was the were Mandalorian Wars ended when the Mass Shadow Generator was used to destroy both fleets and ground troops while also destroying the planet itself which is now unstable and inhospitable.

For this one I have two versions of each render. One is the raw Terragen output and the other is edited similarly to the skybox textures to get a more dramatic effect.

Ingame the skybox is also animated which is why I have a video instead of a screenshot this time.

The "skybox" in this case consists of three layers that I got by using TGs render layers. A static layer for the terrain, a rotating one for the clouds and another one rotating faster that has only the closest clouds to get a better impression of a rotating storm cell.





Thanks for the comments!  :D

Today I have two more skyboxes/render ready:

Unknown World / Lehon

As its name in the game suggests, Lehon or the Unknown World is a place long forgotten by the Republic. And yet it's not inhabited and has certainly seen its share of destruction evident by the numerous crashed starships scattered around the planet and brought down by a mysterious energy field.

Note that these islands are only seen from afar ingame which is why they have so few details. But I figured they'd still make for a more interesting foreground than just water. The moon texture is taken from here.

That's the first skybox but I promised another one and this is one of two cases in these where the same place is shown at different times of a day. And so I present the same scenery at sunset:

The sky here is a little unrealistic, I know, but I had to match the ingame lighting. And the original skybox was far worse in its colors.

And to round things up, here are some screenshots for you:


something borrowed,
something Blue.
Ring out the Old.
Bring in the New
Bobby Stahr, Paracosmologist


Oh dang, this latest series I really like! The sunset is particularly spectacular.

- Oshyan