Easy Cloud, Radius parameter... is it doing what it's supposed to do??

Started by DutchDimension, April 06, 2018, 03:05:10 am

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Default TG scene, camera at 3KM altitude. Low-level, large Cumulus clouds, looks lovely at default settings, but want clouds to continue farther away into the distance. So I increase the Radius parameter of the 'Easy cloud 01' node. Clouds reach further indeed, but also have fattened up significantly, effectively making them larger, denser and brighter. Not a good look. Bug?



I believe that radius is too large for Easy Cloud / v2 / v3 that are non-global. This is why they developed the global clouds to work on different parameters, I'm assuming to get by issues like these. However they're not really designed to be seen up close.


The Radius works like a sphere. You are probably near the edge of the cloud layer in your initial image, so you are seeing vertical attenuation due to the spherical nature of the volume. Unfortunately in Easy Cloud there is no adjustment for the actual softness and distance of the falloff at the edge. The Generic presets for clouds do have more controls like this, but they don't give you those great shapes out of the box. That being said I think you could make adjustments, to Coverage for example, that would roughly equalize the results back to what you want.

It *is* also possible there is a bug here, although as I say above it seems like "normal" (albeit inconvenient/unintuitive) behavior. We can take a look at your TGD file if you'd like us to see if there is something unintended happening here. Just email us at support AT planetside.co.uk.

- Oshyan