NWDA's CLIFF Theme Challenge WINNERS

Started by DannyG, April 23, 2018, 05:35:53 PM

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Congratulations to the following:

1st Place - Mick Hazelgrove (mhaze)

2nd Place - Hannes Janetzko (Hannes)

3rd Place - Jeff Boser (Gannaingh)

Honorable Mention - Ulco Glimmerveen (Dune)

View entries at NWDA:

Many thanks to our Sponsors:
Planetside Software, XFrog, 3DCoat, Quixel (Megascans), PixelPlow, World Creator, Plugs'NPixels & NWDA

Special Thanks to Our Panel of Judges:
Matt Fairclough
Greg Teegarden
Alec Jevon

Winners: Our sponsors will be in contact with you shortly using the emails you submitted your entries with.
*If you require a different email please contact me directly danny@NWDAstore.com
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Congrats everyone! Fantastic work by all, and a great winning group of course. Did the judges have any comments on the winning entries that could be shared? I always love hearing that stuff. :)

- Oshyan



Congratulations to the winners! It was extremely difficult to decide how to order the top 3 when I cast my vote. Any of these three could have been first place and I would be happy with the result.

While reviewing the entries I made some notes on each of them. Here's what I wrote for the images that ended up being the winners:

Entry 26 (mhaze): No doubt that this is a cliff, and a fascinating one. Great attention to detail. The waterline and base of the cliff are exquisite. The soft lighting works well to evoke the sense of a painting. The icicles - if that's what they are - are the weakest part of the scene in my opinion (perhaps just need to be less green).

Entry 15 (Hannes): Least not to like. Cliffs are top notch for this kind of scene. Love the waterfalls, rich vegetation and wildlife details. Every part of the image has something interesting to look at. I'd prefer to see more light in the scene - most of the image looks a little dark to me. Maybe go a bit easier on the chromatic aberration.

Entry 12 (Gannaingh): Great image overall. Nice bright colours, great looking beach, and I like that the composition makes for great thumbnails as well as fully zoomed in views. Not much to criticise, but the cliff face not as realistic as some others, in my opinion, and the trees on the left appear to be lit unrealistically (maybe a displacement issue?). Appears to lean on AO unrealistically to achieve contrast, which is a slight negative mark even though the image benefits from having that contrast, which pulls me in, so maybe this isn't a negative after all.

The competition had a great turnout, and so many of the other entries could have been in the top three and not seemed out of place.

Well done everybody :)

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Jo Kariboo

Congratulations to all winners and participants. Another interesting competition again.

Ariel DK

Congratulations to the winners! really greats entries from all the participants
Honestly, hope I can participate next time. this kind of competitions keeps this community alive, making some fantastic stuff
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Congratz to all the winners. And well done to everyone who took part, it was certainly a hard challenge and much learning was had :)

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Congratulations, Mick, Hannes and Jeff! This was indeed something that helped to keep this forum alive, and I enjoyed watching the progress in some of the entries. I hope next time, WIP's will be mandatory! That's what all the fun is about.


Congrat Mick! and for the rest. Awesome renders.
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Holy cow, just saw the results. Thanks a lot to the jury!!!!!!!
Must have been incredibly tough to choose only a few out of these fantastic images.
And congratulations to Mick and Jeff. What a challenge! :) :) :)


Quote from: Dune on April 24, 2018, 01:29:17 AM
Congratulations, Mick, Hannes and Jeff! This was indeed something that helped to keep this forum alive, and I enjoyed watching the progress in some of the entries. I hope next time, WIP's will be mandatory! That's what all the fun is about.

Good point, All winners did have a WIP threads. Something for contestants to think about for future challenges. The quality of the entries certainly raised the bar for the future. All judges expressed what a difficult decision they had deciding. The fact that it was a Pure Terragen Challenge really highlights to others what this program is capable of. I am very pleased with the boost to our community and forum interaction. Let's keep it going
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...and of course congrats to Ulco for the honourable mention!!! Beautiful work!!!


Thanks, Hannes. Have fun with your new toys when they come in!


I am suprised and delighted to have won with so many creative and skillful entries.  Well done to the other winners and to all the contestants. Just glad I wasn't a judge!