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Started by Hannes, May 02, 2018, 07:22:07 am

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I think Oshyan means that some of the sparkles appear and disappear more rapidly than others. I didn't notice that, but it's true. No idea why. I used fake stones to get some (fake-) geometry that reflects differently depending on the location of the lightsource, not just like a "2D masking". But I used the PF to mask the distribution of the fake stones.


Maybe it is the the wide FOV. Like Terragen handles things near-behind the camera etc.


Quotesome of the sparkles appear and disappear more rapidly than others
That would not be unlike reality, I assume. Some ice crystals having more facets and giving more' continuous' sparkle, while others reflect on less faces/facets, thus are off earlier.


This explanation is good enough for me. Sounds logical. And I have no idea to change the different sparkling... ;)
I don't think it's the wide FOV.


It looked unrealistic to my eye and my experience of actual snow. That's why I mentioned it. ;)

- Oshyan


You're absolutely right, Oshyan. After you first mentioned it, I saw it too. I wasn't too serious in my last comment... ;)